What is the Illuminati???

Illuminati is real. Illuminati wants everything they want and kills anyone who will oppose to their plans. Illuminati is a largest secret society in the world. They are Satanic cult of individuals being possessed by demons. They are very rich and powerful people and still exists nowadays.

Forming a New World Order

Illuminati is implementing a new world government called “New World Order”. People who will oppose to their rules will be killed including those who worship God and Christ the Savior.

They deceives and deceived the masses in order to attain what they want to attain. Illuminati are trying a subtle but effective way to rule. This is to delude the masses into accepting their ideas. Such subtle gradualism, along with distraction (such as unnecessary work, study, entertainment and sport) is being used effectively. Few people will therefore be aware of what is going on.

The Entertainment Industry

98% of Hollywood, the music industry and have a major ties with the entertainers including athletes are being controlled by the members of Illuminati and promise great riches if they join the group and take the oath. Essentially these entertainers sell their souls to Satan for riches.

Illuminati members are possessed servants of Satan. Satan loves symbolism and loves blasphemy of Christ. Illuminati are encourage to wear crosses and to use blasphemy towards God and to Christ the Saviour.

Some of this hand signs are the triangle which represents a universal “gang sign” for them that are members of Illuminati. The number 6 sign representing 666 which is a sign of Satan according to the book of Revelation in the Bible.

The Illuminati Families that Control the World

1. The Astor Bloodline

2. The Bundy Bloodline

3. The Collins Bloodline

4. The DuPont Bloodline

5. The Freeman Bloodline

6. The Kennedy Bloodline

7. The Li bloodline

8. The Onassis Bloodline

9 . The Reynolds bloodline

10. The Rockefeller Bloodline

11. The Rothschild Bloodline



14. Merovingian (European Royal Families)

15. The Hiltons Bloodline

16. The Vanderbuilts

These are Families are also link to the above bloodlines

The Disney Bloodline

The Krupp Bloodline

The McDonald Bloodline


Bible prophecies are known to be 100% accurate. The Bible predicts that the Beast or Antichrist will fool the elect of many religions that he is God by doing miracles and promising peace. He will break his peace agreement, totally rule the world and bring widespread persecution. He will force everyone to worship him and accept a satanic mark on their right hand or forehead in order to buy or sell (Rev 13). This will probably be and embedded computer chip. It will be better to die and be with Christ instead of taking the mark and worshiping the satanic beast, which will cause you to be eternally separated from Christ.

In the Bible it says in the book of Revelation that God will allow the Antichrist and his buddies to take over and that is what the Illuminati is. The Antichrist will take over basically seem like a “good guy” and get people to like him, but he will establish a new religion force people to worship him. Halfway through the Tribulation and Antichrist will be indwelt by the devil, Satan. At the end of the Tribulation, God will prevail and take his people to Heaven and send people who are not his followers to Hell including the Antichrist and Satan.

All members of the Illuminati sold their souls to Satan in exchange to great riches and power in this world. The Bible says that all sinners will receive the gift of eternal life if they accept Jesus as their Saviour, so the choice is at your hand.